WonderHouse. Where the cool stuff lives.

WonderHouse is the next-generation press event focused on innovative lifestyle products, but it's far more than a media show and tell.

WonderHouse is about creating bold, customized brand experiences built around product interactions, combined with a conference-like element where invited guests -- lifestyle writers, bloggers and social media influencers -- come together to see and experience what's new, interact with top industry experts, and learn something in the process.

As the name suggests, WonderHouse speaks to the sense of wonder and wonderment about the coolest and newest products that shape and enhance consumers' lives, while creating unique and powerful story-telling opportunities for brands of all sizes.

WonderHouse takes place in a real house where new products are presented by rooms. We invite small groups of invited lifestyle journalists, bloggers and influencers to spend a couple of days immersed in product stories and trends through a collection of sponsored lifestyle products, plus learning from featured speakers and participating in a range of activities. 

Specifically, we're focused on products for the kitchen, bath (including health & beauty and personal care), bedroom, living room, den/game room, home office and in-home fitness studio. We didn't forget the outdoors either, where outdoor and active lifestyle products will be put through their paces.

Regardless, WonderHouse is all about giving brands and media the opportunity to interact with each other and experience products in new ways.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.44.48 PM.png

And that's just the beginning.

In addition to presenting amazing products, WonderHouse will offer up amazing content from some of the brightest people we know. We're talking about trend experts and entrepreneurs who know more than we do; experts who will not only inform our media attendees, but also inspire them through a series of "trend talks" in a comfy home setting that encourages lively conversation and idea exchange.

In some instances, brand representatives will also be on hand to conduct live demos and answer questions about their products. 

WonderHouse also will integrate a media feedback component where brands can learn what media think about a product before a single word is written, Tweeted, Instagrammed or posted to a website or blog. This feedback element will be anonymous so media are free to express open and honest opinions so that brands that can use feedback as learning tools.  

Finally, brands will get additional exposure through Facebook Live streams as well as YouTube videos produced on-site for lasting benefit.

We also have a few more surprises up our sleeve to make things even more interesting.