Jeff Davis
Founder, Producer

WonderHouse is the culmination of a wild, 35-year ride in PR and events that has taken me down a corporate and entrepreneurial career path full of twists, turns, detours, big successes and yes, a couple of failures. Read my LinkedIn profile, and send an invitation to connect if interested. 

Following two decades on the PR agency side including running my own agency, I founded Food Fête media events in 2005. Food Fête spanned 13 years, 40+ events and made hundreds and hundreds of connections between food brands and high profile food journalists and influencers. I called Food Fête quits in 2017 to focus on WonderHouse.

At my very core, I'm a huge fan of well-designed and conceptualized "things," ranging from architecture, cars, art, and items for the home, to food products, packaging design and consumer gadgets.

I admit it. A product's design is enough for me to want to learn more.

WonderHouse is my new opportunity to help media and influencers not only discover cool new products, but give them the chance to actually use them in a real world setting. Trade shows and consumer expos are great for offering a cursory look and feel, but really understanding products takes some time to not only experience them, but hear and understand the stories behind them.

I call WonderHouse an experiential media event, because it's all about creating custom, memorable brand experiences. We appreciate that agencies and their clients are pulled in many directions, and have only so many hours in the day to come up with creative ideas, not to mention execute them.

That's where WonderHouse steps in to make your job easier. I look forward to hearing from consumer brands and agencies wanting to create something new that raises the marketing and PR bar for your company.

-- Jeff Davis, founder