New Pantry Sponsorships Available for Kitchen Staples

We recognize that smaller food and beverage brands -- often the ones who create the most innovative products -- can benefit most from participating in WonderHouse. We also know they need to carefully watch their marketing and PR budgets.

That's why we're excited to offer a new sponsorship opportunity called The Pantry designed specifically for smaller food and beverage brands who create premium kitchen staples that make final dishes the best they can be. 

The products best suited for The Pantry are those kitchen staple items that our chefs and even our media guest will need to use in preparing the assortment of meals and snacks during their 2-day stay at WonderHouse.

Some examples:

  • Salts, spices and seasonings
  • EVOO and other cooking oils
  • Dairy: butter, milk, cheeses, yogurts
  • Salsas, hot sauces and condiments
  • Sandwich and breakfast breads
  • Organic honey, agave and maple syrups
  • Cereals, granola, cooking flours
  • Nuts, seeds and grains
  • Broths and stocks
  • Jams, preserves and chutneys
  • Fresh fruits and berries

The Pantry sponsorship fee is $2,000 plus product. We'll also create sponsorship signage and a brief brand story blurb for each product, giving brands the recognition they deserve.

These sponsorships are very limited and expected to go fast, so if see The Pantry as your path to join WonderHouse, contact Miriam Anton ( or Jeff Davis ( with questions or to sign up. 

Click the image below to download The Pantry sponsorship sheet.