No Limits

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In speaking with lifestyle brands and PR agencies about WonderHouse sponsorships, it's fun to push the creative boundaries as we discuss the range of experiential activation ideas, given that our immersive format offers so many more options than they're accustomed to having with regular media interactions.

I encourage adopting a "no limits" mindset to let their imagination run wild to come up with activities that will best tell their brand story to editors and influencers who have the ear of consumers.

We have some very interesting sessions already planned, and still have opportunities for more. The Palm Springs area is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities in our January/February event timeframe, so if you represent brands in the activewear, apparel, footwear or fitness/yoga apparel, we'd love to share some ideas with you.

Other sponsorship opportunities are also still available, so even if you're the least bit curious about how WonderHouse can elevate your PR, media and brand marketing profile, drop us a line.

We love getting creative.