WonderHouse Launches

I am incredibly excited to officially unveil details about a new project I've been working on for nearly a year.

It's called WonderHouse, highly experiential and interactive media event offering consumer lifestyle brands a new way to create customized brand experiences for a small, but influential group of lifestyle media, bloggers and influencers.

Scheduled to debut in Palm Springs, Calif in January 2018, WonderHouse lets brands put their products front and center in a real-world setting over a few days where lifestyle writers and influencers can use and experience products in the environment in which they were intended.

In addition to creating unique and lasting brand experiences, WonderHouse will include "trend talk" discussion sessions where nationally recognized experts will share their thoughts on what's shaping cultural trends in areas such as food and nutrition, fitness and healthy living, health and beauty, and consumer technology, among others.

WonderHouse is founded and produced by me (Jeff Davis) who has worked for decades in public relations, marketing and media events. For the past 13 years, I've produced Food Fete, a media event showcasing new food, beverage and kitchenware products to the national food press, bloggers and influencers.

I believe WonderHouse is a logical step for me to take my experience, and apply it on a larger scale with a full range of lifestyle product beyond food.

Visit www.WonderHouseEvents.com for more details, and make sure follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates.