What can my brand do at WonderHouse? We're glad you asked.

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Questions are rolling in about WonderHouse, with the most common one being what kind of experiences can brands create during two days in Palm Springs.

Understanding that WonderHouse is all about creating custom brand experiences, here are some ideas to serve as a starting point to help stimulate your imagination.

We've divided them into three levels to demonstrate the degree of engagement for each. 

Level 1

This is our most coveted sponsorship. Your brand receives up to two dedicated hours with media guests to tell your brand story and create a customized immersive experience to support your earned media programs. Two brand reps. can attend. 


  • Food brand brings in a chef to prepare a themed meal that best showcases their products, ingredient and story
  • Fitness brand hosts a fitness/yoga class that engages and immerses media guests
  • Home fitness company sets up gym equipment for interactive workout
  • A gluten-free brand sponsors preparation of a 100% gluten-free meal to further educate media on this booming trend
  • Health & beauty brand brings in make-up artist to discuss latest beauty trends, and conduct interactive session
  • Spirits brand sponsors craft cocktail hours with its corporate bartender creating a custom menu of specialty cocktails that showcase the brand and discuss what makes a great cocktail
  • Wine and beer brands conducts in-depth tasting of their multiple varieties as a platform to educate media on 
  • Consumer audio brand installs a range of its sound equipment in WonderHouse, and brings in their audio expert to teach media about the nuances of sound

Level 2

This level gives you the opportunity to create customized, interactive presentations/educational session showcasing your products and story. Designed as a hands-on demo for media guests accompanied by in-person conversations with a brand rep. One brand rep can attend. 


  • Apparel or athletic shoe brand provides media guests with product sample to experience (and keep) on a short hike through Palm Springs Living Desert or Joshua Tree. Brand brings in their hiking expert to talk about what goes into designing the ideal shoe
  • Chocolate tasting that showcases brand’s full range of products, presented by a brand expert who can talk about trends in cacao production and how the brand fits into that situation
  • Cutlery brand conducts interactive product demo/test, enabling media to use the knives as they were intended
  • Cookware brand supplies pots & pans for all cooking demos. Brand brings in its cookware designer to talk about what goes into the R&D process. 
  • Outdoor grill brand provides grills for use preparing an outdoor meal

Level 3

WonderHouse will be stocked with lots of lifestyle products for media use and consumption, and this level puts CPG products directly into the hands of media guests to use. We’ll create appropriate signage to draw attention and educate media on what they are experiencing. No brand rep. present at this level. 


  • A snack food, beverage or accessory brand provides product to be stocked throughout the home for use by media during the entire event. 
  • Include your product in a take-home gift bag of products for media to evaluate later.
  • A home linen brand provides their towels and bed linens for every bedroom and bathroom in WonderHouse.
  • Water and health beverage brands stock the WonderHouse refrigerator with product for consumption throughout the 2-day event. 
  • Premium candle maker provide candles and fragrance infusers for the WonderHouse rooms

Please contact Jeff Davis, Founder, at jeff@wonderhouseevents.com for pricing information, or submit our online application to get the conversation started.