Now, the fun part.

Our debut WonderHouse is currently on pause while we sort out some lessons learned after initially announcing our launch. Education is a good thing!

Our hand-picked group of lifestyle journalists, bloggers and influencers visit WonderHouse for a couple of days where they'll experience a special group of products ranging from food and beverages, consumer electronics and IoT products and housewares, to gadgets, personal care, bedding, fitness products, and products for the home office and outdoor living.

WonderHouse encourages media guests to explore and satisfy their curiosity by using the featured products in a natural home setting. But it's way more than simply touch and feel. Bicycles can be ridden. Kitchen appliances can be tested. Foods can be prepared. Electronics can be experienced. And cosmetics can be applied. It's no secret that a hands-on experience with new products is the best approach, so we make sure that happens.

Create Your Own Experience

WonderHouse encourages companies and agencies to create and customize their own brand experiences for media and influencers. Here are a few examples:

  • Food and beverage brands can create an interactive cooking/preparation experience with media. Bring in your own chef, nutritionist or product innovation specialist to educate media on essential product attributes.
  • Bedding brands can install their latest mattress technology where let media guests can test it out.
  • Fitness brands can create an indoor/outdoor activity where media jump right in and put products through their paces.
  • Health and beauty brands can bring in a stylist or make-up artist to makeover and pamper media guests.
  • Consumer technology and IoT brands can demonstrate what the connected home looks like.
  • Apparel and footwear brands can give media guests their latest designs for immediate feedback


Pricing is based on the experience you want to create, but we're committed to offering a range of opportunities to fit multiple budgets. Email to request the program and pricing document.