WonderHouse is categorized into functional household rooms, each featuring products that fit the specific space. 

Living Room

From rugs and lighting to furniture and accessories, the WonderHouse living room presents the newest and coolest products for the modern home.


The heart of every home, WonderHome's kitchen showcases everything from appliances and IoT products for the kitchen, to cooking gadgets and on-trend food and beverage products. 


Products for today's bedroom range from the latest mattress technology to consumer electronic and IoT products that make this space more than a place to sleep or relax.


Bathrooms can be a special place in the home, where the focus is on relaxation and pampering. We're looking for everything from amazing bathroom fixtures and design elements, to the products you use to look and feel your best.

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Den/Game room

Call it a den, a game room or a man cave, this is where consumer technology, recreation and entertainment-focused products call home.  

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Fitness Studio

More than ever before, fitness has become a regular part of many people's daily routine. We're looking for products aimed at fitness and health-minded consumers, including apparel, equipment, accessories and nutritional food and beverages.

Home Office

Desks, chairs, accessories and technology -- everything to make working at home as enjoyable, efficient and productive as possible. 

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is perhaps the most important part of a robust lifestyle. We're talking about leisure equipment such as 2 and 4-wheeled toys, outdoor shoes and apparel -- both out of the water and in. 

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Products that pamper the skin and hair are among the hottest lifestyle products around. We're looking for on-trend products that make skin, hair and entire essence the best they can be.